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2017 is and will continue to be an exciting year for True Intent Productions. We’ve already shed light on Black History Month, produced a powerful documentary on Nina Simone, highlighted the University at Buffalo’s refugee relief efforts, released a short comedy on love from a cat’s perspective, launched a successful campaign to fund an inner city playground, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! By far, however, we are most excited about what still lies ahead. Here’s what you can expect from True Intent in the year to come.

Back in 2015 we crowdfunded and began producing a chilling post-apocalyptic film, Nomadic, through this teaser trailer. The story centers around nine nomads struggling to survive a world where nearly all life was exterminated by biological warfare. Hope is restored when they discover an outpost filled with life saving antibiotics, but that hope quickly diminishes when choices are made that cause the group to fall part.

A glimpse of the outpost from the opening scene of Nomadic.

The production process was unlike anything we’ve ever endeavored to produce, but we managed to successfully wrap early last year. Post-production has been a long process due to the collaborative nature of this film, but good news is we anticipate wrapping this summer and bringing this production to your screen by the end of the year!

The group hears a sudden noise in the distance – Still from Nomadic
Anna fires an arrow at the threat – Still from Nomadic

In addition to completing this long-anticipated short film, we are also in the midst of producing a sequel to our award winning documentary Waiting at the Door, titled Behind the Door.

Waiting at the Door provided an honest glimpse into the lives of Syrian refugees in Jordan, espousing their resilience in the face of unthinkable challenges. Behind the Door dives once again into the heartbreaking stories of the world’s most devastated population, except this time from a completely unique perspective. Both films were produced entirely by Syrian-Americans, myself included, which is an interesting phenomenon in and of itself. For Syrian diaspora, the war isn’t just something we hear about on the news. It has devastating impact, as no Syrian has lived through this war without losing a relative, or constantly worrying about the security of their family.

“There’s nothing here.” – Still from Behind the Door
Syrian schoolchildren line up for their morning drill. – Still from Behind the Door

In the West we often detach ourselves from conflicts abroad thanks to the security we enjoy at home. However, the truth is that in our multi-cultural, globalized world there is no conflict abroad that doesn’t profoundly impact citizens within our borders. To call attention to that, this documentary will tell the stories of the Syrian refugees, as well as the story of the Syrian-Americans documenting them, with the hopes of revealing how close this conflict really is to home. You can check out a teaser for Behind the Door here!

A Syrian child grabs the hand of our creative producer, Thawab Shibly, who is also Syrian. – Still from Behind the Door

We look forward to bringing these films to your screen in the months ahead. To stay updated on our work, subscribe to our mailing list, follow us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel and check back regularly for more enlightening entertainment!

Akram Shibly – Founder, True Intent Productions

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