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Welcome to the True Intent Blog! In addition to keeping you updated with our productions, we hope this blog will become a hub for intellectually stimulating conversation. Our ultimate goal at True Intent is to revive the spirit of the arts, which were traditionally an exploration into the depths of human nature in order to uncover the purpose of our lives.

In this day and age, “purpose” is often lost as we continue to discover the grandeur of the universe – making humanity seem microscopic, even insignificant. However, the truth is everything has a purpose, regardless how small or large, and whether or not that purpose is apparent to us. We have the choice to acknowledge the inherent value and meaning of our lives, or to give up and say “life is meaningless,” submitting to a futile existence of routine.

By acknowledging that life has purpose, and meaning, even if that meaning isn’t immediately clear to you, you will set yourself on a journey of discovery. Causes and effects will become more clear as you refute the idea that randomness is the driving force behind existence. It is important, however, not to haphazardly ascribe meaning to everything without deep reflection and study. This is where art comes into play. Genuine art offers us insight into the discoveries that bring us closer to understanding our purpose.

In this day and age, unfortunately, much of that focus in art is lost as the driving force behind most of what we consume is not substance, but profit. Artists and their patrons alike forsake the potential for their art to offer introspection in order to increase their bottom line. The effects on our society have been disastrous.

Through film, we seek to undo some of those disastrous effects by promoting introspection and encouraging others to seek out the meaning and purpose of their lives. We hope you’ll join us on your journey of discovery.

Akram Shibly – Founder, True Intent Productions

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